For many loving couples, the dream of having one’s own child is almost unattainable because of the inability to get a quality egg. Our Donation of Eggs program will help increase your family.

The number of eggs and their quality depends on the age of the woman – over time, the function of the ovaries weakens. Donor oocytes give hope to women who are no longer able to become pregnant with their own eggs.

Eco cycles using donated eggs are the most effective of all the existing technologies of assisted fertilization. They are successful both in the frequency of pregnancies, and in building a successful family. This effectiveness in comparison with the widely used IVF-ICSI technologies is due to the fact that we use in the Donation Program healthy eggs provided by young female oocyte donors who have undergone a strict selection system and already have healthy children.

The first thing you need to do to become a patient of our Donation program is to make an appointment with us at the clinic. Here, the doctor - reproductologist will help you correctly register your desire and choose the optimal characteristics of the egg dono
Lack of possibility to get their own eggs Unsatisfactory growth of embryos in previous cycles of IVF Age of woman over 40 Several previous cycles of IVF with negative result
This is an important step in the treatment with donor oocytes. We have great respect and attention to the choice of the upcoming donor and we understand that this is a unique personal decision of our patients. Our team will accompany you at every step of your journey! Donors are not anonymous and anonymous. The first group includes sisters, nieces, other relatives, and also girlfriends, familiar patients. Usually not an anonymous doctor is also examined as patients. The vast majority of donors are anonymous. For many moral and ethical reasons, such donors are more preferable. Our clinic has a wide base of oocyte donors. They are examined more fully and voluminously. Specialists of the clinic couples choose the most suitable donor. Specialists of the medical center will help you find the best donor for your couple. We are happy to do our best to achieve your dream!

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