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119 patients per week
14516 laboratory researches
2211 ultrasound researches
68% of pregnancies in IVF cycles

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Wonderful news

Wonderful news Congratulations to our patients and the team of the clinic with the first pregnancies. A great start!



Opening! We are glad to inform you about the opening of the medical center of the Academy! Hooray!


What our Patients Say

Testimonials from our patients

Svetlana Kostioglo

10 years of waiting and the last 4 years of intensive and diverse therapy up to laparoscopic surgery until our family friend told us the name of Ruslan Valentinovich Sobolev, with the words that in my “porridge” he will be able to understand only … 3 months of preparation for IVF and with the first attempt – MY FIRST PREGNANCY !!!

If there was such a page earlier, at 31 I would already be a mother.

Ruslan Valentinovich, thank you very much for this miracle !!!

Olga Olga

RUSLAN Valentinovich, thank you so much !!!! We are grateful to God that brought us exactly with you and we did not have to wait a long time for a positive result! 14-year-old problem was solved on the second attempt !!! After the positive result of hCG was organized by the medical support of the best professionals (endocrinologist, genicologist and in the flesh to the midwife) I want to wish you good health and a dedicated team next !!! With respect and gratitude the family of Popovs !!!

Olga Glybina

Ruslan Valentinovich-doctor, doctor ???? NO, NO and NO, he’s a real WIZARD. He realizes the most cherished dream, goes along with you to the cherished goal, leads by the hand, directs in the right direction, scolds when you need to shake and support, when the forces leave to go further, ahead. He is a man with a capital letter, a professional in his business. Turner was our way to Happiness, but, together with you, Ruslan Valentinovich, we did it, I know for sure that you, no less than ours, were waiting for the final result of our work and he exceeded all our expectations, two daughters, 2 happiness, 2 the meaning of life we ​​snore in beds and the whole world turned upside down, my whole universe is now in these cribs. 13 years of waiting, several years of struggle, a sea of ​​tears and despair is all in the past, now we are the happiest parents. huge, thank you to your spouse, your team! Thank you, you are the best)))) We love you very much, now the whole big family!

Tatiana Tokman

In August my daughters will be nine years old. I will say briefly, but with great gratitude, – thanks to Ruslan Sobolev for giving life.

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8-B, Armeyskaya str, Odessa
Medical Center ACADEMIUM
Phone: (048) 759 1000 / (067) 10 000 38 / (063) 10 000 38

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