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For many loving couples, the dream of having their own child is almost unattainable due to the inability to get a quality egg.

The number of eggs and their quality depends on the age of the woman - ovarian function weakens with age. Donor oocytes give hope to women who can no longer get pregnant with their own eggs.

IVF cycles using donor eggs are the most highly effective of all existing assisted fertilization technologies.

They are successful both in the frequency of pregnancies and in building a successful family. Such efficiency in comparison with the widely used IVF - ICSI technologies is due to the fact that we use in the donation program healthy eggs provided by young women - egg donors who have passed a strict selection system and already have healthy children.

Who needs the Donation Program?

- Inability to get your own eggs

- Poor embryo growth in previous IVF cycles

- The age of the woman is over 40 years

- Several previous IVF cycles with negative results

How to start the Donation Program?

The first thing you need to do to become a patient of our Donation Program is to make an appointment at our clinic.

Here the doctor - reproductive specialist will help you to properly formulate your desire and choose the optimal characteristics of the egg donor.

Choosing a donor

This is an important step in the process of treatment with donor oocytes.

We treat the choice of a future donor with great respect and attention and understand that this is a unique personal decision of our patients. Donors are not anonymous and anonymous.

The first group includes sisters, nieces, other relatives, as well as friends and acquaintances of the patient. Usually, non-anonymous donors are also examined as patients.

The vast majority of donors are anonymous. For many moral and ethical reasons, such donors are preferable.

Our clinic has a wide base of oocyte donors. They are examined in a more detailed and voluminous way. Specialists of the medical center will help you to choose the most suitable donor for your couple. We are happy to do everything possible to achieve your dream!