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If you want to become an egg donor and helpБ
women who can not get pregnant without your help, this information
is for you.

Egg donors can be women:

- Age from 18 to 32 years

- Physically and mentally healthy

- You are already a mother - having at least one healthy child

- Normal physique (no overweight and underweight)

- No operations on the ovaries

- Do you lead a healthy lifestyle

- No genetic, chronic, gynecological diseases

Information about the donor is anonymous.

Your steps:

• Come to our clinic and take tests that are paid for by the clinic. You have the opportunity to get free complete information about your health.

• Stimulation of ovulation. In order to obtain donor eggs, drugs are administered to stimulate ovulation. Maturation of eggs occurs under the control of ultrasound.

• Egg collection is performed under short-term anesthesia under ultrasound control. This procedure - egg puncture - lasts 15 minutes and is painless.

Helping others, you help yourself!